[SOLVED] Is there a way to filter two columns which either of the value in column is greater than 20?


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I have a TSV/excel flle with numeric data. I want to filter out all the row from which either column A or B should have values greater than 15.

I tried to get the sum of the column in an additional column and filter, but it doesn’t make sense if cells contains 7 and 8. also average of the column also not working if the cells has 20 and 5

Data i have


Result i need

Result i need

Im very noobie to excel,Please help

Thanks in advance


The easiest way is to create a helper column, containing following formula: =OR(A2>=20,B2>=20). (Start at cell C2 and drag further down)
Filtering on this helper column (value TRUE) will result in this screenshot:

enter image description here

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