[SOLVED] Is Spring Oauth Server replaced if I switch to Okta?


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Currently I have an SPA with multiple springboot microservices at the back (Resource Servers). Authentication and Authorization happens in the back using a Spring Oauth2 Server that serves a “Login Page” (Consent Screen) . Inside the Oauth server there is a ldapAuthentication provider that delegates authentication to an Active Directory and the rest (user detail and authorities) is fetched from a jdbc source from a custom data model (groups and privileges).
I have the requirement to start using Okta (enterprise). Conceptually speaking, do I have to remove completely the Spring Oauth Server and do everything with Okta regarding Authentication and Authorization? What would be the flow? What happens with the Bearer Token that I currently use? What happens with the introspection of each resource server when applying security access to requests? I am pretty confused what should be the Spring solution for Okta comming from a Spring Oauth Server.


You can replace your Spring OAuth server with Okta Authorization Server, which will require all your micro-services to change their configuration to do the introspection against Okta endpoints. Bearer tokens would be minted by Okta too.

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