Instead of returning Promise object i am getting resolved value. How is it happend? i am confused


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Actually i was going through Promise workflow then figured out something which left me confused….Please suggest with you opinions…

Code Below:

function GetAllListofEmployees()
  const promise = new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
    Url = 'api/GetEmployees';
    ServiceInstance.GetCall(Url).then(function (result){
      //from result Load Data to global variable;

async function ShowEmployees()
   var promise = await GetAllListofEmployees();// this line is returning me 'Yes' instead of   
                                                  a promise object, without applying '.then' 
                                                  function and call resolve function to get  
                                                  the value.
   if(promise == "Yes") 
     // i can access this block causing result is "Yes".



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