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I need to find a soft that meets our needs :

  1. The software can capture a Windows OS image (Windows Server 2019 or more and Windows 10/11 or more) from a domain machine (backup of the domain configuration, accounts, etc.)
  2. The captured image can be handled :
    • To add drivers during the installation (to install the image on different type of material),
    • To configure partition to install the image on different disk sizes,
    • To install additional EXE or MSI (like Notepad++ or internal apps)
  3. The software must allow us to deploy the image on multiple devices at the same time.
  4. I’m looking for a free tool or low budget.

The MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) software seems to fit our needs but I don’t know how to capture a domain machine, I think we can’t using MDT.


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