i’m trying to update a product in this table called ‘livre’ using this php code but i keep getting the message “Erreur!! La modification a échoué


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I’m working on this project where i make a page online you can add ,update and show products on , and I’m trying to update a product in this table called ‘livre’ through the code down below ,but its not happening, I tried this code before on another table and it worked but this time i cant figure out the problem I keep getting the message “Erreur!! La modification a échoué.”,please help me find the error.


if(empty($_POST["code_l"])  ||  empty($_POST["titre"])||  
empty($_POST["aut"])  ||  empty($_POST["an_edi"]) || 
empty($_POST["edit"])  ||  empty($the_photo)  || empty($_POST["code_la"])  || 

    echo' Il faut saisir un code <br/>';

$photo = file_get_contents ($_FILES["photo"]['tmp_name']);
   $sql = "UPDATE livre set code_livre='".$code."',titre='".$titre."', auteur='".$aut ."', 
    code_domaine='".$cdom."'  WHERE code_livre=".$code;

  $requete = $conx->prepare($sql);

   if($stmt === false)
        die("Erreur!! La modification a échoué.");
     { header("location:lister_livre.php")  ;   }
    catch (PDOException $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();



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