[SOLVED] I’m getting a CS0234 “The type or namespace name “Services” does not exist in the namespace” even though I can see it in file structure


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I was following a tutorial from Microsoft found at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/training/modules/create-razor-pages-aspnet-core/

At one point it instructs to add a folder under the root project called “Services”. Within that folder is a file which needs to be accessed. Upon creating the project, another folder called “Models” was automatically created under the root folder.

I include the two lines at the top of another file:
using RazorPagesDoughnuts.Services; using RazorPagesDoughnuts.Models;

The Models statement works no problem. The Services statement generates the error. I have searched many resources and cannot find a solution.

I am using vscode 1.71.2 and .net 6.0

Screenshot of file structure and statements


The namespace provided in the file DoughnutService.cs is probably not correct. Change that to RazorPagesDoughnuts.Services and check.

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