[SOLVED] If given two arrays with integer data how to move one element to other array and delete that element from where it was or vice versa


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 let a = [1,2,40,60]
let b = [50, 70, 80]

Suppose I want to move 40 from a to array b and delete it from a so I get

a = [1,2,60]
b=[50, 70, 80, 40]

Please help. Any suggestion is appreciated


You can do a simple splice to move the value:

b.push(a.splice(2, 1)[0])

This grabs the element you want from a, adds it to b, and removes it from a all at the same time.

Edit: As @malarres pointed out below, you can also concat the returned array:

b.concat(a.splice(2, 1))

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