i’ not receiving fcm notification coming from node.js server to flutter


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this is my flutter code:

Future<void> permi() async {
SharedPreferences prefs = await SharedPreferences.getInstance();
var username = prefs.getString("username");
_fcm.getToken().then((value) => prefs.setString("fireToken", "$value!"));
var fireToken = prefs.getString("fireToken");
var token = prefs.getString("token");
await http
  headers:{"Content-Type": "application/json",
    "authorization": "$token"},
  body: jsonEncode({"username": username,"token": fireToken}),
    .then((value) => value)
    .catchError((e) => print(e));


Future checkprm()async{
NotificationSettings settings =
await _fcm.requestPermission(
  alert: true,
  announcement: false,
  badge: true,
  carPlay: false,
  criticalAlert: false,
  provisional: false,
  sound: true,
NotificationSettings set = await _fcm.getNotificationSettings();
if (settings.authorizationStatus == AuthorizationStatus.authorized) {
  print('User granted permission');
} else if (settings.authorizationStatus == AuthorizationStatus.provisional) {
  print('User granted provisional permission');
} else {
  print('User declined or has not accepted permission');
 void initState(){
  _fcm.getToken().then((value) => print("$value"));

this my node server :

 credential: admin.credential.cert(serviceAccount)

   async function sendNotif( title, body0,token){
    return await admin.messaging().sendMulticast({
    tokens: [token],
    notification: {
     title: title,
     body: body0
   data: {
     title: "This is a firebase message",
     message: "expo-notifications should be triggered",
    "hello": "world",
// Set Android priority to "high"
  android: {
   priority: "high",
// Add APNS (Apple) config
  apns: {
   payload: {

     aps: {
       "contentAvailable": true,
    headers: {

      "apns-push-type": "background",
      "apns-priority": "5", // Must be `5` when `contentAvailable` is set to true.
      "apns-topic": "io.flutter.plugins.firebase.messaging", // bundle identifier


i’ve been searching for a solution for about two weeks but it’s all for nothing.
the issue is that i don’t receive notifications coming from firebase if anyone found a solution please tell us. .


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