I am trying to convert PYTHON code to TCL


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I have two files and I am comparing specific lines between two files using the def function.

def readPinFile(filename): 

   result = None
   with open(filename, "r") as file:    

    result = {}
    lastPin = None        
    for line in file:
        lines = line.strip()
        if lines[:3] == "PIN": 
            lastPin = lines.split(" ")[1]               
            result[lastPin] = {"LAYER": None, "RECT": None}
        if lines[:5] == "LAYER":
            result[lastPin]["LAYER"] = lines.split(" ")[1]
        if lines[:4] == "RECT":
            result[lastPin]["RECT"] = lines.split(" ")

return result

pin_of_file1 = readPinFile("osi_hbmp_top_briscm_1.lef") #lef file1
pin_of_file2 = readPinFile("osi_hbmp_top_briscm_2.lef")#lef file2

The TCL code I tried to get the same output

proc fileinput {filename} {
set filedata [open filename r]
set file1 [ read $filedata ]
foreach line [split $file1 n] {
      set pindata { PIN { LAYER {} RECT {} }}
      if {[string match *PIN* $line]} {
          dict lappend pindata PIN $line         
      if {[string match *LAYER* $line]} {
           dict lappend pindata PIN {LAYER{$line}} 
      if {[string match *RECT* $line]} {
           dict lappend pindata PIN {RECT{$line}}

When I am running my code I am getting errors like this
invalid command name “fileinput{osi_hbmp_top_briscm_1.txt}}”
while executing
(file “aa.tcl” line 18) line: fileinput{osi_hbmp_top_briscm_1.txt}}

can anyone tell me what wrong I did and how to clear that error?


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