How to write a unit test to check JSZIP.loadAsync function rejects


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Request to please help to write a unit test case to check the negative scenario of jszip.loadasync

the function that I use it within is as follows

public processArtifact(artfact:Artfact): Promise<Artfact> {
        const file_path = path.resolve(artfact.getfile_path());
        return new Promise(async(resolve,reject) => {
                .then(async function(data) {
                    await JSZip.loadAsync(data).then(async function (zip:any) {
                        //some logic
                    .catch(function(error) {
                        LoggerWrapper.error(`Error while extracting ZIP of ${artfact.getname()}`, error)
                .catch(function(error) {
                    LoggerWrapper.error(`Error while fetching ZIP of ${artfact.getname()}`, error)

I need to check the .catch part of both fs.promises.readFile and JSZIP.loadAsync in the unit test case

I tried to write the unit test as follows but no luck

jest.mock(‘JSZip’); //have mocked JSZIP

 test('test path is rejected readfile', async () => {
        const mockGetRestClient = jest.fn();
        JSZip.loadAsync = mockGetRestClient;
        mockGetRestClient.mockRejectedValueOnce(new InternalServerException());   
        try {
        catch (e: any) {
          const a  = e;

Can anyone please guide as to how I can write,need help


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