How to View outgoing Headers from a remote Tinyproxy proxy


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The main pursuit of this post is to find a way to view the HTTP(S) Headers that are outgoing from my open source proxy server, Tinyproxy. I would like to accomplish this with PHP if possible, but will use any approach that works. The goal is to not be blocked for website access.

I am running Tinyproxy on a remote Debian 10 VPS. It was easy to install and configure.

However there were various sites that refused connection thru Tinyproxy.
This included Georgia State Univ. (GSU) Hyperphics site, (vitamin and groceries) and (electronics parts).

I discovered in the Tinyproxy conf a “via” setting and I turned it off.
Now GSU lets me in but I am still blocked by various other sites.

I created a php-webpage with various syntaxes that report a variety of Headers, but none of these syntaxes caught the “via” header that Tinyproxy was sending out.

At the risk of being too long winded, here are the Headers I checked for.
$header_name = array(

I have read of various somewhat exotic approaches to detecting VPNs and Proxies but kind of doubt that is using these.

I have used Wireshark in the local arena but never remotely. I am aware of tcpdump but have not researched it yet.

Hope that this was not too long, Any/all help is appreciated. Thank you!



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