[SOLVED] how to use Flowbite in angular project?


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I want to use Flowbite in my project.I did the following steps but it still doesn’t work.

  1. I installed the tailwind first, Tailwind is working fine now.
  2. Then I installed Flowbite using npm, and add Flowbite as a plugin inside the tailwind.config.js file. Base on this link:

    npm i flowbite

tailwind.config.js file

module.exports = {
  content: [
  theme: {
    extend: {},
  plugins: [require('flowbite/plugin')]

angular.js file

"architect": {
   "build": {
     "options": {
        "scripts": ["node_modules/flowbite/dist/flowbite.js"]

I even used the package below, but it still doesn’t work.




You can use flowbite-angular as a starting point building user interfaces and websites because it is an open source collection of UI components created in Angular and using utility classes from Tailwind CSS.

Getting started

You only need to set up flowbite normally and install flowbite-angular from npm to use flowbite-angular.

An existing Tailwind CSS project can use flowbite as a plugin.

Require via npm

Make sure that you have Node.js and Tailwind CSS installed.

  1. Install flowbite as a dependency using npm by running the following command:
npm i flowbite flowbite-angular
  1. Require flowbite as a plugin inside the tailwind.config.js file:
module.exports = {
  plugins: [require('flowbite/plugin')],

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