[SOLVED] How to use codeigniter routes on a procedural style PHP website with a codeigniter folder structure?


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I have a website built with a folder structure exactly like code igniter which has this folders:

  • app (controllers/core/helpers/libraries/models/views/) etc.
  • assets
  • files
  • system (core/database/fonts/helpers/language/libraries)
  • themes (default)
  • vendor

Codeigniter uses routes via Router.php to map urls so the url looks clean, this means instead of using:


you just use


and so on for the other folders, but codeigniter it’s object oriented, and this website is made in procedural style.

Is there a way I can reply that routes for my website?



There are plenty of PHP routers plugins that you could use, among populars AltoRouter, FastRoute, Klein.php.

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