[SOLVED] How to test if an exception was thrown?


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My code:

public String getTemplate(TestType fileType) {
    Util util = new Util();
    try {
        return util.addPrefix(util.getTemplate(fileType));
    } catch (IOException e) {
        throw new MyException(...);
    } catch (SyntaxException e) {
        throw new MyException(...);

Test class:

TestType testType = TestType.main;
CSVUtil csvUtil = spy(new CSVUtil()); //or CSVUtil csvUtil = mock(CSVUtil.class);
when(csvUtil.getTemplate(testType)).thenThrow(new SyntaxException(...)); //or IOException

String out = runService.getTemplate(testType);

But it doesn’t work. Since this method creates a new class.
Is it possible to mock the creation of a new inner class without using PowerMock?


Maybe try using junit and assertThrows function. You can find more info here

Some time ago I wrote this test.

try {
    TagService tagService = new TagServiceImpl(tagDao);
    List<Tag> actualTagList = tagService.findAllTags();
    assertEquals(actualTagList, expectedTagList);
} catch (DaoException | ServiceException e) {

You can try to change fail(e) to assertEquals or smth else, that will validate your exception.

If you will ask me which approach is better, I will say that the first one is more understandable and easily readable.

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