How to set dropdown menu string array according to another dropdown menu (Android)?


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I have 2 dropdown menus(1 -> autoCompleteTextProductType 2-> autoCompleteTextProductBrand)

I need to get the value of product type(it’s a String like: Mobile Phones, Computers etc.) from autoCompleteTextProductTypeand according to that value I need to change the resources of autoCompleteTextProductBrand For example if the chosen product type is = Mobile Phones then autoCompleteTextProductBrand resources would set to phone brands (Samsung Apple etc.)
I tried something like this:

    val productTypes = resources.getStringArray(R.array.productTypes)
    val productArrayAdapter = ArrayAdapter(requireActivity(),R.layout.dropdown_item,productTypes)
    //if autoCompleteTextProductBrand dropdown menu clicked get the right brand array. 
    //Then use the brand array for brand adapter

        val type = autoCompleteTextProductType.text.toString()
        val brands = returnProductBrandArray(type)
        val brandAdapter = ArrayAdapter(requireActivity(),R.layout.dropdown_item,brands)

    //This function is for getting the right string array. It needs a type. And returns 
    //string array directly.

    private fun returnProductBrandArray(type: String) : Array<String>{
        val brands = if(type == "Mobile Phones"){

       return brands

The issue in this solution is that when I click on dropdown menu first, no values are showing up. (I think that’s because I created the adapter inside the onclick listener)
But for the second time I click on it datas are showing up correctly. How can I solve this problem? I hope I summarized the issue well.


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