How to set a control as a property in other control in XAML in Xamarin Forms?


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I want to set a control as a property in XAML.

I have a custom Control BlurredImage that sends another control (XAML view or Visual Element) as the Root for generating blurred background for the current Image. I have implemented custom control.

Here’s my custom control:

public class BlurredImage : Image
    public static readonly BindableProperty RootProperty = BindableProperty.Create(nameof(Root), typeof(VisualElement), typeof(BlurredImage), propertyChanged: RootPropertyChanged);

    public VisualElement Root { get => (VisualElement)GetValue(RootProperty); set => SetValue(RootProperty, value); }

    static void RootPropertyChanged(BindableObject bindable, object oldValue, object newValue)
        var control = (BlurredImage)bindable;

        Task.Run(async () =>
            var imageStream = await DependencyService.Get<IVisualElementExtension>().PlatformCaptureImageAsync(control.Root, Color.Red);
            control.Source = ImageSource.FromStream(() => imageStream);

The RootPropertyChanged() is added here for reference, it works properly when capturing image of a UI by a button click, it only has problem when I specify Root="{Binding someView, Source={x:Reference this}}"

Here is my XAML code when I am creating BlurredImage in my XAML Page:

<ext:BlurredImage Root="{Binding ssView, Source={x:Reference this}}" HeightRequest="200" WidthRequest="200" />

Am I doing everything correctly? How can I pass a control as a property value from XAML?


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