[SOLVED] How to send twitter follow request to specific person using tweepy python? [2022]


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I wrote a code to send follow request to specific users and my logic also seems perfect. Even when I print response.data it shows me my followers’ data in a dictionary. But I can’t find a way to fetch those names altogether and compare with the specific name of the person I want to follow.

import tweepy
import api_keys as ak

def about_me(client: tweepy.Client) -> None:
"""Print information about the client's user."""
# The `public_metrics` addition will give me my followers count, among other things
    me = client.get_me(user_fields=["public_metrics"])
    print(f"My name: {me.data.name}")
    print(f"My handle: @{me.data.username}")
    print(f"My followers count: {me.data.public_metrics['followers_count']}")
    print(f"My User ID: {me.data.id}")

if __name__ == "__main__":
   client = tweepy.Client(
   print("=== About Me ===")


for response in tweepy.Paginator(client.get_users_followers, 2351371758, max_results=10, limit=5):
    df = pd.DataFrame(response.data)

if df['name'] == 'Leta Disandro':

It even stores my requested data into a dataframe but throws error when I try to check for the name in that dataframe. I even tried different variations and these are the errors I encountered:

raise ValueError(ValueError: The truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all().

AttributeError: 'Response' object has no attribute 'follow'
AttributeError: 'Response' object has no attribute 'follow_user'


df = pd.DataFrame(response.data) erases df at each iteration of the loop.

if df['name'] == 'Leta Disandro': is incorrect since you want to check for the 'name' field of the objects in the dataframe, not from the dataframe object itself.

But do you really need a dataframe anyway?

Finally, follow_user is a method of Client objects, not of Response objects.

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