How to send `SIGINT` over `systemctl` to custom daemon/service


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I have a script that I would like to run as service on my Linux machine, let’s call it It is executable and can be run over ./path/to/

I also have script that kills, let’s call it The contents of are:


sudo kill -SIGINT $(pgrep my_script)

In essence, this should mimic Ctrl+C for

This works perfectly fine if I run the scripts from a terminal, i.e. in ttyX I run ./path/to/ to start it and in ttyY ./path/to/ to initiate the shut down sequence of

As mentioned before, the goal is to run this as deamon, so I created /etc/systemd/system/my_script.service




Using sudo systemctl start my_script.service starts the script as expected, but using sudo systemctl stop my_script.service starts the shutdown sequence for, but doesn’t let it finish… Am I missing something? The shutdown sequence takes roughly 10sec…


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