[SOLVED] How to resolve JSON Schema validation Error in Rest Assured – io.cucumber.core.exception.CucumberException: Could not convert arguments


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I was trying to do the JSON schema validation in Rest Assured using the below code by reading the filename loginschema.json from src/test/resources/data folder and was getting CucumberException. Can someone provide their inputs on how to resolve this issue?


public void verifyResponseBody(File fileName)  {
String pathName = "src/test/resources/data/"+ fileName +".json";

**Cucumber file:**
And I see response matches for fields
  | success | true |
Then I see response matches file loginschema

**Common Stepdefintion File:**

@Then("I see response matches file {}")
public void i_see_response_matches_file(File fileName) {

And I see response matches file loginschema                      # 
  io.cucumber.core.exception.CucumberException: Could not convert arguments for step [I see response matches file {}] defined at 'test.java.com.stepdefinitions.Common_StepDefintions.i_see_response_matches_file(java.io.File)'.


You get this error because you cannot just take an arbitrary sequence of chars from your steps (like you do with {}) and treat it as a File (argument type that your step takes).

You should change this public void i_see_response_matches_file(File fileName) to this public void i_see_response_matches_file(String fileName) and create File instance from that path internally within a step.

P.S. – Or you can create custom parameter type and describer conversion there.

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