How to resolve Go module declares its path as “x” but was required as “y” between 2 versions


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I recently had to move private repositories from SaaS Gitlab to an on-premise version. Everything was going well where I did:

  1. Update old go module paths in repo a from to
  2. Add a new tag v1.2.3-new to the latest commit
  3. Update repo b to reference latest tag v1.2.3-new from
  4. Run go mod tidy in repo b and verify it works

Now I have a requirement to reference an older version tag of (originally So in repo a, I checked out the older tag, fixed up the module path to from and tagged it as v1.1.1-new.

In repo b then I referenced with v1.1.1-new. However, this results in:

go: parsing go.mod:
    module declares its path as:
            but was required as:

If I check the v1.1.1-new tag in repo a, the module path is set correctly in the go.modfile:


It is unclear to me why it works with the tag v1.2.3-new on the latest commit but fails when I reference an older commit.


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