How to pass Data between files Chrome Extension?


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Currently, I mainly work with two files, background.js and popup.js.
In background.js

I have a bunch of functions that let me store data in an IndexedDB. And in popup.js I call the functions like this:

    message: "insert",
    payload: [
        url: form_data.get("message"),
        text: form_data.get("message"),

Depending on the message, a certain function is called. When the function has successfully executed I do this from the background.js file:

chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener((request, sender, sendResponse) => {
  if (request.message === "insert") {
    let insert_request = insert_records(request.payload);

    insert_request.then((res) => {
        message: "insert_success",
        payload: res,

This is my problem:

How do I send data from background.js to popup.js. What I want is to get the URL of the current page, and then send it to popup.js and store it in the Database.

I have already looked at already existing posts, but none of them really helped.

Can someone please help me out.


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