How to pass arguments to IPhone “Run Script over SSH”?


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I’m running a Python script on my local computer using the Shortcuts app from my phone (this works perfectly well and returns data to my phone). I also want the script to display a web browser on the local computer. The code for this is simple:

import webbrowser
import sys
print("This print statement is shown on my phone")
webbrowser.get('C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe%s').open(str(sys.argv)) # works locally but not over ssh
print("This print statement is also shown on my phone")

But to make SSH display I’m confident that I would need the ssh -X or -Y argument which cannot be passed into the shortcuts app.
I can see two solutions which might work but I haven’t been able to find

  1. There is an equivalent argument to -X or -Y which can be passed in the main body of text for the ssh command
  2. There is a way to pass arguments to the shortcut app

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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