[SOLVED] How to make a has_one through has_many association?


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I have 2 models ClinicalSystem and TemplateMessage

My goal: is to have ClinicalSystem with many TemplateMessage but also have multiple has_one realtion with TemplateMessage with different namings. e.g:

clinical_system.tempalte_messages, clinical_system.reschedule_template_message, clinical_system.cancellation_template_message.

How do I structure my associations to achieve that ? I have tried has_many: through but it failed.


You can define the main has_many association and the has_one associations separately like below:

class ClinicalSystem
  has_many :tempalte_messages
  has_one :reschedule_template_message, -> { CONDITION_FOR_RESCHEDULE }, class_name: TemplateMessage.name
  has_one :cancellation_template_message, -> { CONDITION_FOR_CANCELLATION }, class_name: TemplateMessage.name

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