How to import whole `react-icons` pack in a single line import


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We need to import different icon packs from react-icons by different import line. e.g:
import {FaUser} from 'react-icons/fa
But in my case I’m taking the icon names from json file and trying to destucture and show them in my component. Icons can be from multiple packs.So, I need to import the whole pack. Is there any solution for this?

    title: 'Home',
    url: '/',
    icon: 'ImHome',
    title: 'About',
    url: '/about',
    icon: 'FaUserCircle',

```import * as Icons from 'react-icons/all';

const CustomIcons = ({ icon, className }) => {
  const { [icon]: Icon } = Icons;
  return (

    <div className={className}>
      <Icon />

export default CustomIcons;```


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