How to identify a fake crucial mx500 SSD?


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Fake ssd could mean:

  • Less speed

  • Less size

  • Less durability materials used



Live in great country, that’s why no official dealers or resellers (of none brands). That’s why I’ve to depend on someone who has very less online presence and no offline shop as well. But he’s giving me 3 years of warranty.(I feel it’s a joke because if he runs away, how am I going to find him?). He has ads only on a site where people can give reviews without purchasing anything.

Few online sites are telling to do this(in windows 10):

wmic diskdrive get model, serialnumber, size

But I’ve read in security stackexchange that “anything that can be read, can be spoofed/copied”. So, why would not a fake dealer spoof serial number?

Some are saying to check SMART hours. It doesn’t matter because there can be a non-original new product.

Say a CDI is like this

Is this an used(refurbished) drive or a new one? Because CDI will also take some of that test data, but how much?

I’ve heard:

A refurb may be able to reset the number of hours on and the number of times powered on, but it really can’t hide the amount of writes.

Some are saying to check disk speeds using CDM. I’m not sure but I suspect if they can be cheated for some time as well and matched to the benchmarks given online. (Actual speed, not fake speed but later the speed might get decreasing or low durability due to bad product)

According to this the best way is to know “if price is too good to be true”. Now the thing is crucial mx500 1TB generally costs 17000 units of my currency(it wasn’t available anywhere offline that I could search), whereas in this shop it costs 13000 units of my currency. (For reference, 1 USD=120 units of my currency). I personally believe the rate 13000 is what it should’ve been as they get even cheaper than this in India(which is from where they buy).

The person sounds like a decent one (based on whatsapp chats and reading his seller’s profile his own comments).


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