How to generate auto generate unique serial number by date and also It will be generate serial vise after delete in django


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  • I have to generate serial number like TES-0922-1,TES-0922-2 and so

  • here
    TES is (company_lable)
    0922 is (month and year)
    1,2 is (serial number)

  • I wish to generate unique number by date . If today is month 9 and year 22 and I am generating new data of this month then my serial number will be TES-0922-01.

  • Also If I have serial numbers TES-0922-01,TES-0922-02,TES-0922-03 and If I am deleting TES-0922-01 from them. afterwards when I creating new data my serial number will be TES-0922-04

  • Also If I have serial numbers TES-0922-01,TES-0922-02,TES-0922-03,TES-0922-04 and If I am deleting TES-0922-01, TES-0922-04 from them. afterwards when I creating new data my serial number will be TES-0922-04

Note : I am saving that data in the database and handling them by django queryset.

What I did is mentioned below but Its not working properly. Because I am counting my data by django queryset.

def sales_invoice(request):

current_time = 
latest_year = current_time.year

latest_month = current_time.month
month="%02d" % (latest_month)

company_label= Company_Setup.objects.get(id=request.session['company_id'])

if not existing_label:
    total_sales = Sales_Invoice.objects.filter(company=company_label).all().count() + 1


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