[SOLVED] how to find the .class file after running a .java project on vscode for macOS?


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I’m trying to find the .class file after running a java project in VScode on macOS, I searched google but there is only path for windows OS, can anyone help to figure out the .class file?
This is the java project’s name :testSearch.java

I want to find the testSearch.class file after running.



By default, VSCode outputs ‘.class’ files into different locations depending on the type of file you’re working with:-

  1. If you run a single ‘.java’ file, it’ll output the ‘.class’ file into a path that looks like this: /private/var/folders/ys/rgjr_wyd0d715dz546hydfrr0000gn/T/vscodesws_6d2aa/jdt_ws/jdt.ls-java-project/bin
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  2. If you open a folder that contains ‘.java’ files and run them, the ‘.class’ files will be inside of a path that looks like this: /Users/YourUserNameHere/Library/Application Support/Code/User/workspaceStorage/e358195aec7543686cb2440051c91f82/redhat.java/jdt_ws/SplayTree Project_d551e7d6/bin
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  1. To find the output path for your own project, just look for it inside VSCode’s terminal after running.

  2. To change the default output directory for compiled ‘.class’ files:
    Go to VSCode settings -> Search for "java project output path" -> Click on "Edit in settings.json" -> Add the desired path inside the quotation marks (Note: this will only work with Workspace projects. It won’t work with Maven/Gradle).

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