How to extract the data inside the print queue to txt file or any other format


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most of the time I manually save the data (like date printed, copies count, file name… etc.) needed to calculate cost or save the information.
but the data is already there in the printer queue.

**so basically, I want to save data from the printing queue like the date, name of file, copies printed and other useful data in a separate file. maybe in a text file or something. **

so, I can just copy it in my app that I save these data on automatically once I print a document.

my System details: windows 11, my printer is: HP Page Wide Pro MFP 477DW and I only know python, I don’t know any other language for now as am in high school
*Thank you in advance, and sorry if that is the wrong channel for this, I couldn’t figure which is a better fit.


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