How to extract string number based on the listed values using regex in python?


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Id      Prod
xisos   clor 12Oz pack of 12
kasos   zemd 13 Oz pack of 1
oaldd   lb24 pk 12
odldf   12-ct kalsj 19992
jsdkl   OZ 32 ksldj 45 x 76

I need to fetch the sizes from prod with the logic, where ever I see the listed pattern [Oz, oz,…lb] I will fetch the numbers which appears before or after the listed units.

Id      Prod                      Size
xisos   clor 12oz pack of 12      12
kasos   zemd 13 Oz pack of 1      13
oaldd   lb24 pk 12                24
odldf   12-ct kalsj 19992         12
jsdkl   OZ 32 ksldj 45 x 76       32


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