how to enable previous button of jquery steps for single wizard?


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I want to enable/show previous button for only one tab.

<script src="" integrity="sha512-bE0ncA3DKWmKaF3w5hQjCq7ErHFiPdH2IGjXRyXXZSOokbimtUuufhgeDPeQPs51AI4XsqDZUK7qvrPZ5xboZg==" crossorigin="anonymous" referrerpolicy="no-referrer"></script>

if ($('#example-basic').length > 0)
                    headerTag: "h3",
                    bodyTag: "section",
                    transitionEffect: "fade",
                    autoFocus: true,
                    saveState: true,
                    titleTemplate: "#title#",
                        finish: "Next",
                    onFinished: function () {
<div class="container">
                <div class="row" id="mytab">
                    <div class="col-xl-12">
                        <div id="example-basic">                           
                                <span class="wizard-icon-wrap"><i class="ion ion-md-podium"></i></span>
                                <span class="wizard-head-text-wrap">
                                    <span class="step-head">tab</span>

It count section tag and decided steps . but I only want to use one and need that previous button to show


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