How to display the minimum temperature sequence using rle() in R?


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The first task is to set the random number generator seed to 100.


Generate 100 random values in a normal distribution with m=7 & sd=4.

temp <- c(rnorm(100, mean = 7, sd  = 4))

Set names for each value in the data set.

names(temp) <- paste0("D-", 1:100)

round each value to 1 decimal place.

temp <- round(temp, digits = 1)

1.Calculate and display the number of days where the temperature was greater than the mean.

 gt_mean <- mean(temp)
    gt_temp <- temp[temp > gt_mean]

2.Display the day with the maximum temperature, using cat().

 max_temp <- max(temp)
    n = names(temp)[match(max_temp,temp)]
    cat("The max temp was on day", n, "with a value of", max_temp)

3.Display the day with the minimum temperature.

 min_temp <- min(temp)
    n = names(temp)[match(min_temp,temp)]
    cat("The min temp was on day", n, "with a value of", min_temp)

4.Create a parallel vector called warnings, which has two values Warning or Normal,
where a temperature weather warning is in place if the temperature is less than or equal to

 warnings <- c(ifelse(temp <= 4.0, 'Warning','Normal'))
  1. Display the number of days where the weather warning was in operation.

    warn_days <- c(warnings == “Warning”)
    disp <- temp[warn_days]
    disp_days = length(disp)
    cat(“The number of days the warnings were in operation =”,disp_days)

  2. Display the days where the weather warning was in operation.

    ww = names(temp)[match(disp,temp)]

  3. Display the warning in a tabular format.

    tw <- table(warnings)

  4. Use the function rle() to and out the maximum sequence of weather warnings in the

    len <- rle(warnings == “Warning”)
    tw <- table(len)

     len1 <- max(len$lengths)


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