[SOLVED] how to display the columns affected by the constraints (primary and foreign keys)


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For primary keys and foreign keys, how to display the columns affected by the constraints. And why are the columns concerned with primary and foreign keys visualized in a separate view of the data dictionary?


I presume you’d want to query USER_CONSTRAINTS joined with USER_CONS_COLUMNS, e.g.

SQL> select a.constraint_name,
  2         a.constraint_type,
  3         b.column_name
  4  from user_cons_columns b join user_constraints a on a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name
  5  where a.table_name = 'EMPLOYEE';

------------------------------ -------------------- --------------------
SYS_C00106596                  C                    EMPNO
PK_EMPLOYEE                    P                    EMPNO
FK_EMP_EMP                     R                    MGR


As of your second question: what do you mean, separate view?

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