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I think I’ve tried everything to make it work but I still can’t get the results I want. I basically want to delete empty lines in txt file that my other script created. I’ve tried: .isspace(), deleting lines with n amount of spaces, deleting lines with ‘n’. None of these worked can you guys help me? Here is part of txt file and my code:

Gmina Wiejska
 Urząd Gminy Brzeziny 


 ul. Sienkiewicza 16a 95-060 Brzeziny
Gmina Wiejska
 Urząd Gminy Łącko 

Łącko 445 33-390 Łącko
Gmina Miejsko-wiejska
 Urząd Gminy i Miasta Węgliniec 

ul. Sikorskiego 3 59-940 Węgliniec```


delete = ['<td align="center" class="top" colspan="3"><b>',
with open('/Users/dominikgrzeskowiak/python/gminy/text/text1.txt','r+') as file:
    for line in file:
        for i in delete:
            line = line.replace(i,'')
        if line != '  ' or line != ' n' or line != '   ':  
            with open('/Users/dominikgrzeskowiak/python/gminy/text/text2.txt','a') as f:


Just check if the line is not empty after removing blanks with strip

with open('text1.txt', 'r+', encoding='utf-8') as file, open('text2.txt', 'a', encoding='utf-8') as f:
    for line in file:
        if line.strip():

You should open text2 once, not every line in the text1.

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