How to data_color() a specific cell with gt() package in R


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I would like to highlight specific elements of tables. The gt package produces great tables and data_color() brings some light in the whiteness.

head(mtcars) %>% 
  gt() %>% 
    columns = c("cyl"),
    colors = scales::col_numeric(
      palette = c("red", "orange"),
      domain = c(3, 10)

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But how can I highlight a single cell, e.g. the first element of cyl? Sometimes I can manipulate the domain option for numeric values, but 6 appears multiple times. I tried this suggestion R gt package -background coloring a single cell, when it equals a certain value via tab_style() which does not work for me.

head(mtcars) %>% 
  gt() %>% 
       style = cell_fill(color = 'grey'),
       locations = cells_body(
       columns = vars(cyl), 
       rows = cyl > 5

I’d like to adress a simple element instead of a domain.


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