[SOLVED] How to copy column and its values from one csv and paste to another csv


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I have 2 csv files.
Csv 1 contains information about HostName,Adstatus,LastLogonDate
Csv 2 contains Information about Hostname,Sccmstatus.
The value of HostName is same in both the files.
I want to copy Sccmstatus column from Csv2 and paste it in Csv1 file .
Is that possible ?

Thank you for the help .


my approach would be:

$csv = Import-Csv "C:\stackoverflow\csv1.csv" -Delimiter ","
$csv | Add-Member -NotePropertyName "Sccmstatus" -NotePropertyValue ""
Import-Csv  "C:\stackoverflow\csv2.csv" -Delimiter "," | ForEach-Object {
($csv | ? {$_.HostName -eq $hostname}).Sccmstatus=$status 
$csv | Export-Csv -Path "C:\stackoverflow\csvResult.csv" -Delimiter "," -Encoding UTF8 -Force -NoTypeInformation

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