How to convert list into workable dataframe or dictionary?


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I have this data output (as markers) which looks like this:

{'0': ['DUSP4', 'AC017002.3', 'LINC02804', 'GML', 'GNAO1', 'AC025946.1', 'TGFBR3L', 'EDN3', 'TMEM200A', 'MSC-AS1', 'ZP1', 'MSC', 'AC090515.6', 'LINC00892', 'HAS3', 'PLSCR2', 'SLC44A3', 'AC013460.1', 'CNTNAP1', 'TMPRSS11E', 'LINC01229', 'WDR17', 'TNFRSF18', 'LINC02295'], '1': ['ZP1', 'AIRE', 'RORC', 'TTC39C-AS1', 'AC010531.5', 'AC016821.1', 'WDR86-AS1', 'B3GNT9', 'TMPRSS11E', 'CYP4B1', 'CDO1', 'KRT7', 'ZDHHC11B', 'CNTNAP1', 'IL17RB', 'MYRF']}

Which I exported it running this code:

df = pd.DataFrame(list(markers.items()), columns = ['cluster_id','marker'])

which resulted in this:

1‘ZP1’, ‘AIRE’, ‘RORC’, ‘TTC39C-AS1’, ‘AC010531.5’, ‘AC016821.1’, ‘WDR86-AS1’, ‘B3GNT9’, ‘TMPRSS11E’, ‘CYP4B1’, ‘CDO1’, ‘KRT7’, ‘ZDHHC11B’, ‘CNTNAP1’, ‘IL17RB’]

How do I “convert” this dataset into workable dataframe so that I subset markers that are in cluster_id zero?

I tried nofilt.loc[nofilt['cluster_id'] == '0'] it gave me blank return, just headers.
Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


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