[SOLVED] How to change preview of the dragged image size only dragging in angular material drag and drop?


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I have created a image inside the Div element.Then I have set the cdkdrag for img element. I only wanted to move image not div that is the reason I put cdkdrag for image tag.

But now the problem is If I go to change the Width and height of the .cdk-drag-preview class I can see image is small when dragging but when I move that image mouse pointer is not on the image it is beside the image. why is that happen how to fix that problem

.cdk-drag-preview {
  width: 50px !important;
  height: 50px !important;

Here is my jsFiddle : enter link description here


you can store in a variable the offset when mousedown and use cdkDragMoved in the way


  setStyle(event: MouseEvent) {
    const rect = (event.target as HTMLElement).getBoundingClientRect();
    this.offset={x:event.offsetX*50/rect.width,y:event.offsetY*50/rect.height };
  public onDragMove(event: CdkDragMove<any>): void {
    const el=(document.getElementsByClassName('cdk-drag-preview')[0])as any
    const xPos = event.pointerPosition.x - this.offset.x;
    const yPos = event.pointerPosition.y - this.offset.y;
    el.style.transform = `translate3d(${xPos}px, ${yPos}px, 0)`;

the .html

<div class="dragItem"  >
  <img cdkDrag  src="..."

NOTE: See that I remove de cdkDrag from outer div

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