How to change from Win-10 To Win-11 in New Workstation


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I am getting a new Dell workstation.

In OS choice I have to select one of two options.

(1) Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (6 cores, Includes Windows 11 Pro License) English

(2) Windows -11

I have never used any of them. So I am inclined to choose Win-10 to see what it is like.

My question is what does option 1 mean ? Do I get a key for Win-11 ?

I know I will get Win-10 in a single 512GB NVMe Partition.

(1) If I want to then Limit Win-10 partition to 220 GB, how would I do that so that I can have two more partitions for data in that NVME 512GB SSD with Win-10 ?

(2) If I want to try or switch to Win-11, how would I do that ?

(3) I am also getting 2nd M.2 NVME 512GB SSD. Can I install Win-11 in that SSD & then remove Win-10 SSD & place Win-11 SSD & boot & try Win-11 that way ? If so how ?

(4) Can I dual boot Win-10 & Win-11 ? If so how & how much space will be needed for both OS ?

I would really appreciate all the help.

Thank You


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