[SOLVED] How to call a function with the same name within another class?


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I have two classes, a Card class and Deck class. Both have display() functions, and I cannot change the name of the function. I am unsure of how I can call Card::display() inside of Deck::display().


void Card::display( ) const
   cout << rank << suit;

Deck.cpp //in Deck.h I did #include “Card.h”, I did not have Deck inherit
because Deck did not need to access the private member variables of Card (aka suit and rank)

void Deck::display( ) const 
    for (int i = 0; i < 52; i++) 
       if (i % 13 == 0 && i != 0)
          cout << "n";
          deck[i].display(); <--//deck is an array of 52 Cards, each index consists of
                            // a rank and a suit; here I am trying
                            //to display the entire deck of cards 4 by 13 2d array
                            //hence why I want to call the display function from class
                            // Card
        deck[i].display() <--

So that when the display function from Deck is called from the main.cpp
it will look like (for example, if the cards are in order):

AS 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S ... (all the way until King of Spades) KS //new line, new row
AH ...(all the way until King of Hearts) KH  //new line, next row    
AD ...(all the way until King of Diamonds) KD   //new line, next row 
AC ...(all the way until King of Clubs) KC  

Because the Card::display function (from code snippet above) displays
the rank then suit, and Deck::display would display the entire deck of cards.
I have been trying to do my own research online to no avail, so I would appreciate the help, thank you!


If deck is an array of Cards(as you mentioned), than when you write:


This display function will be implicit the display function of your Card class, so your code should be fine

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