How to bypass the 255 esp limit for modding fallout 4?


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This is not about the game; in fact a programming question.

Context: Fallout 4 is one of the few games that supports game modding. In other words, independent creators can add content (called mods) to the game. On the Nexus website, you can download all the game mods for free. Larger mods are esp files, while smaller mods are esl files. The game does not support more than 255 esp files. This limits the number of mods you can install. It has to do with the fact that FF is equal to 255 in hexadecimal. Due to hard coding in the engine, players cannot change it. They tried several other things like merging many esp files into one (which is a tedious process) or just simply not downloading as many mods. There must be some way to install more than 255 esp mods for Fallout 4 despite this limitation.

Question: How can we bypass this 255 esp limit to install more mods for fallout 4?


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