How should I reinstall Windows? (Maybe repair)


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My Windows files are corrupted so I think that I can’t repair it normally, so can someone wither suggest something that can repair windows with access to just the files since I can’t boot my PC with the windows in the drive.

I used a program to install windows onto a USB and that’s how I’m able to access the files, so can someone either suggest a way to repair windows (In this circumstance) and keep personal files or how I would be able to backup or copy the personal files the import them if I was to do a clean installation of windows on the drive.

To summarise what I have/haven’t access to:

  • all of the files in the drive
  • a bootable windows using USB
  • external hard drive
  • laptop
  • I can’t boot windows using the original drive

I tried to list all what I have access to so that it can maybe present more options for what I can do.


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