How `select` statement in Go is able go ahead when a case is in progress?


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package main

import (

func simulateWork(v int) int {
    start := time.Now()
    fmt.Println("Begin: goroutine", v, "sleeping for", v, "seconds")
    time.Sleep(time.Duration(v) * time.Second)
    elapsed := time.Since(start)
    fmt.Println("End: goroutine", v, "woke up after sleeping for", elapsed, "seconds")
    return v

func main() {
    done := make(chan struct{})
    result := make(chan int)
    defer close(result)

    for i := 3; i <= 5; i++ {
        go func(v int) {
            select {
            case result <- simulateWork(v):
            case <-done:
    _ = <-result // discard

The output of this code is:

Begin: goroutine 5 sleeping for 5 seconds
Begin: goroutine 3 sleeping for 3 seconds
Begin: goroutine 4 sleeping for 4 seconds
End: goroutine 3 woke up after sleeping for 3s seconds

Program exited.

As the output shows, select in all the goroutines go ahead with result <- simulateWork(v) case but when goroutine 3 is done the main goroutine close the done channel, and the goroutine 4 and goroutine 5 finishes early, while result <- simulateWork(v) case is already in progress.

How select statement is able to go ahead, without waiting for the case (it has selected) to finish ?


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