How do we trigger single airflow dag multipler times using TriggerDagRunOperator?


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I have a Dag with schedule interval None. I want to trigger this Dag by TriggerDagRunOperator multiple times in a day.

I crated a PreDag with schedule_interval “* 1/12 * * *”
Inside PreDag a task of TriggerDagRunOperator runs that Trigger the main Dag.
As scheduled PreDag runs twice a day 1st time when PreDag runs it trigger the Dag but 2nd time when PreDag runs then task of triggerDagRunOperator show error :
” A Dag Run already exists for dag id {{ dag_id}} at {{ execution_date}} with run id {{ trigger_run_id}}” `

trigger_run = TriggerDagRunOperator(
                trigger_run_id = 'trig__' + str(,
                execution_date = '{{ ds }}',
                # reset_dag_run = True ,
                dag = predag

Is it possible to Trigger a dag multiple times in a day using TriggerDagRunOperator.


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