How do I send a modal when a button is clicked?


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Im attempting to send a modal when the “ask” button is clicked from the embed. enter image description here

Error message:

AttributeError: 'Button' object has no attribute 'response'
class AskModal(nextcord.ui.Modal):
    def __init__(self):
        self.emQuestion = nextcord.ui.TextInput(label = "Question", required = True, placeholder = "What level shall I reach to stay in the group?", style = nextcord.TextInputStyle.paragraph)

    async def callback(self, interaction: nextcord.Interaction) -> None:
        question = self.emQuestion.value
        channel = bot.get_channel(1017234639770894377)
        questionmsg = (f"{question} ^ {}")
        message = ("Your question has been sent!")

        await channel.send(questionmsg)

        return await interaction.response.send_message(message, ephemeral=True)

class askbutton(nextcord.ui.View):
    def __int__(self):

    @nextcord.ui.button(label="Ask", style=, custom_id = "ask button")
    async def asks(self, interaction: nextcord.Interaction, button: nextcord.ui.Button):
        return await interaction.response.send_modal(AskModal())

async def ask(ctx) :
    embed = nextcord.Embed(title="QNA", description="・You may ask a question by using the slash command `/ask`nn・You'll be notified that your question has been answered by receiving a ping in the <#928507764714651698> channel", color= 0x303136)
    await ctx.send(embed = embed, view = askbutton())

The ask button doesn’t respond when the button is clicked, did I miss something?


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