[SOLVED] How do I find the highest value number of a text file?


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I have a text file with many lines of numbers and wish to find the highest number. I have already found the average of all the numbers.

Here is my code so far:

“` `file = open(‘max_vind_sola_enkelttall.txt’, ‘r’) lines =
file.read sum = 0

for lines in file:
sum += float(lines) amount = 362 average = sum/amount print(“average is: “, average)

file.close()` “`


Dealing with min and max are very similar to dealing with accumulating the sum/total.

with open('max_vind_sola_enkelttall.txt') as file:

    total = 0
    count = 0
    mn = float('inf')
    mx = float('-inf')

    for line in file:
        count += 1
        v = float(line)
        total += v
        if v < mn:
            mn = v
        if v > mx:
            mx = v

average = total / count
print("average is: ", average)
print("max is: ", mx)
print("min is: ", mn)

Note that I used a with clause to make sure that the file gets closed properly no matter what else happens. These days, we should seldom be calling close() on a stream explicitly, especially when reading and writing local files like this.

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