How do I find out which application woke up my device?


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I’m relatively new to ADB. I was playing with adb logcat today when I caught my device (Motorola G Pure) waking up for no apparent reason (device wasn’t unplugged/plugged back in, no known issue with the power button, no notification/alarms, etc.).

This device waking up issue isn’t new to me. It sometimes bothers me when I’m working on homework. However, I took this as an opportunity to check the WindowManager log to see what it listed as a reason.

WindowManager: Started waking up... (why=ON_BECAUSE_OF_APPLICATION)

I’m curious what my next step is, in figuring out what app woke up my phone. Should I look at the logs before, or after? What other apps/managers should I filter for? What severity flags (verbose, debug, info, etc.) should I enable?


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