[SOLVED] How do I add a comma after every string(php)


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So the code below gets a name from a db(which is a string) and it outputs with “” and a comma.Well it was suppose to, but for some reason it only adds the quotation marks and not the commas.I need it to add the commas too.Thank for you help.

$sl = "SELECT _eName FROM vrt;";
$ret = mysqli_query($conn, $sl);
$resultck = mysqli_num_fields($ret);
if ($resultck > 0){
 while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc(($ret))){

  $b = $row['e_Name'];
  $temp = array($b,);

  $req = "'" . implode ( "' , '", $temp ) . "'";
 echo $req;



implode joins array elements with a string. Your variable $temp contains only a single element, so there is nothing to join and the element itself is returned.

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