How create port forwarding using SSHtunnelForwarder?


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I am trying to replicate: ssh -i [KEY] -L [FROM_PORT]:localhost:[TO_PORT] ubuntu@[REMOTE_SERVER_IP] in python and decided to use sshtunnel for it. The command given above works and I can connect to the remote Theia IDE, but I can’t figure out how I need to configure SSHtunnelForwarder to achieve the same from within python. I am probably misunderstanding its documentation:

    # I replaced the remote-ip with ``.
    # I replaced my ip with `987.65.43.21`.
    with SSHTunnelForwarder(
        ssh_address_or_host="",  # ip of remote server
        ssh_username="ubuntu",  # username of remote server
        ssh_bind_address= ("", 9191),  # where to listen locally
        remote_bind_address= ("", 8181)  # where to send info coming to 22
        # ssh-port 22 (default port)
        # localhost:9191 -> -> localhost:8181
        # which is basically 987.65.43.21:9191 -> ->
    ) as server:

But when I try to connect to http://localhost:9191/ I receive unable to connect; so the tunneling is probably broken. I added plenty of comments to the code to make it easier to spot my misunderstanding.


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