[SOLVED] How can i take health off a variable in my game


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so i’m wanting to be able to display the user’s health after they’ve been kicked, punched or slapped, but it doesn’t keep it for some reason. I go to display it on a separate line, but it just says “100”. Here’s my code:

#random attack damage
player1Health = 100
player2Health = 100
punch = random.randint(5, 20)
kick = random.randint(5, 20)
slap = random.randint(5, 20)

#Checking if player chooses any of the attackTypes
player2HealthSlap = player2Health - slap
player2HealthPunch = player2Health - punch
player2HealthKick = player2Health - kick
if punch:
    puchAttack = print(
        f"Ouchh! {player1} just punched {player2}, and reduced their health amount to {player2HealthPunch}"

elif kick:
    kickAttack = print(
        f"Wow! {player1} just kicked {player2}, reducing their health amount to {player2HealthKick}"

elif slap:
    slapAttack = print(
        f"Oh no, that seemed to harm {player2} badly. Their health has reduced to       {player2HealthSlap}"

I want to be able to call that variable, and have the amount of health player 1 did to player 2.


You never change player2Health. Instead of storing player2HealthSlap etc. in separate variables, you could

if punch:
    player2Health -= random.randint(5, 20) # subtract some HP from total
    print(f"[...] and reduced their health amount to {player2Health}")

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