how can i know my metamask wallet locked?


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I developed metamask auto-login function after refresh browser.

However, there is a problem when metamask is locked because It’s been a long time since user visited.

I don’t want show metamask popup when it is locked.

Is there anyway I can check metamask is locked ?

web3.eth.getAccounts is not a solution because it returns empty array when refresh browser. so it is not reliable.

useEffect(() => {
    const walletCompany = getWalletFromLocalStorage('wallet');
    const metamaskWalletAutoLogin = async () => {
      const res = await connectWithMetamask();
      res.address && saveWalletAddress(res.address);
    const coinbaseWalletAutoLogin = async () => {
      const res = await connectWithCoinbase();
      res.address && saveWalletAddress(res.address);
    if (walletCompany) {
      walletCompany === 'metamask' ? metamaskWalletAutoLogin() : coinbaseWalletAutoLogin();
    } else setIsLoading(false);
  }, []);


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